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Parents Day Out

Trinity’s Parents Day Out (PDO) program operates throughout the local school year, plus three one-week day camp opportunities in the summer. PDO is able to take advantage of our classrooms, beautiful nursery and modern playground.The program emphasizes preparation for entry into kindergarten, social skills and faith in our Lord.

PDO would like to give special thanks to the following:

+ Jim & Donna Savage for their efforts in recycling, Kirk Care, and computer technical support

+ Jim Heyde for keeping our supplies in stock and ready to use

+ Brenda for office support when needed

+ Kathy Malnassy for reading to the older children on Tuesdays and Thursdays last school year

+ Bob Tuckett for taking such good care of all our building issues

+ Lawn Maintenance gentlemen for taking the time out of their busy lives to cut and maintain our lawns

+ PDO Board members Joan Emas, Kathy Malnassy, Marie Kelly, and Pastor Zac for their guidance and support throughout the school year

+ Past Board members, especially Dave Plufka, for the time put into developing this program from the beginning

+ All the members of Trinity who have given their support of the program throughout years. It is never easy to assimulate a new program into the church routine.

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

In support of Trinity Lutheran Church the PDO program also collected can goods during the month of October. Our first goal was for 100 items and we reached that within the first two weeks. I don’t have the final count but I do know that we went over our second goal of 200 items for Kirk Care. We are thankful to our PDO families for their generous support of this worthwhile project. PDO also gave a $500.00 check, from our charity fund from last year, to be donated to Kirk Care.

You may notice the new bench on the school playground. This bench was purchased with PDO fundraising money to replace the broken bench. It is made of a high quality plastic which is supposed to be maintenance free and carries a twenty year warranty.