Trinity Lutheran Church

Our Service

What’s it like?

The staff is small, so a great deal of the congregation’s work is done by member volunteers. The service, while liturgical in structure, is relatively informal. The liturgy is always sung, usually accompanied by the organ, sometimes by guitar or piano. It varies with the church season.

Lutherans like to sing, so our hymnal, Evangelical Lutheran Worship [ELW] includes nine different musical settings for the liturgy, and hundreds of hymns from all periods of musical history to the present and from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

A typical Sunday service

  • A musical prelude
  • Brief confession and forgiveness— we find peace through God’s forgiveness.
  • Having found peace with God, we are ready for worship.
The Word
  • A scripture reading from the Old or New Testament
  • Sometimes a responsive Psalm
  • A Gospel lesson
  • Sermon based on the readings and questions

We share God’s peace with one another.


We practice Open Communion: All who seek Christ  are welcome to commune at the Lord’s table; children are also invited forward for a blessing. You may either dip the wafer into the chalice of wine, or into a small chalice of grape juice.

Benediction and closing