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Older Wiser Lutherans




We OWLs meet once a month for entertainment, education and inspiration. If you’re old enough for bifocals, you’re old enough for us!

We meet on the third Thursday of the month. Pot-luck lunch begins at noon, followed by a program.

September program – Over the years Jan Kotas has been a faithful steward of a large collection of photos of WELCA events and has now turned them over to be part of our archives. For September’s program, Ilene Denzin, Carol Buhr and Donna Savage selected about 35 that would show people who would be remembered by we OWLs. Those were supplemented by a few others from the archives and other old files. The result was the slide show at the right side of this page. (Click on the arrows below the pictures.) The best part however, was the vivid commentary¬† by the audience. You had to be there!

Programs scheduled for coming months include:

October 19 – Cory Meyer, Forester of the City of Kirkwood, talks trees.

November 16 – Karen Smith of “Get the Word Out” will update us on her efforts in Kenya.

December – We will not be meeting…Christmas break.